Modern technology has revolutionized many aspects of our lives. In addition to making the household more convenient and practical, adding technology to your home increases property value. To modernize your living spaces, here are 11 remarkable ways to update your home with technology.

Technology to Update Your Home

1. Smart Home Hub

A smart home hub serves as a control center for the entire house. This device connects to other smart home technologies, providing a simple way to automate tasks and devices.

2. Install USB-C Charging Points to Update Your Home With Technology

Many modern devices require USB-C for power. When upgrading the power outlets around your home, choose outlets that include USB-C ports so you can quickly and conveniently charge your laptop and cellphone.

3. Smart Bulbs

Modern smart bulbs can replace traditional incandescent bulbs. These lights connect via the internet and can be controlled by a smartphone, tablet, or your home hub. As a bonus, smart bulbs use bright LEDs and require less energy than standard light bulbs.

4. Smart Speakers

Smart speakers allow you to play music, controlling the speaker with your phone or tablet. They aren’t just for music; a smart speaker is voice-controlled. You can do an internet search and even order groceries for your household. Smart speakers also allow you and your family members to control other smart devices with your voice.

5. Update Your Home With Technology: Automatic Blinds

Smart blinds are a convenient addition to any home. Remotely control the window blinds from a phone or tablet. Closing the blinds during the summer heat will block the sun’s rays from warming your home, saving on your energy bill. Program the smart blinds to open and close at set times each day.

6. Wi-Fi in Every Room

When renovating your home, install Wi-Fi extenders in every room. Wi-Fi throughout the living spaces will keep devices connected regardless of where you are in the house.

7. Smart Locks

Smart locks are an easy way to make sure your home is always secure and protected. Operate this type of lock with your smartphone or a key code. You’ll be able to lock your door remotely and even provide temporary key codes to friends and family.

8. Update with Technology: Install a Smart Thermostat for Your Home

Smart thermostats allow you to control a home’s heating and cooling system from anywhere you have access to your smartphone. Program the thermostat to adjust the temperature automatically or set the controls directly from your device.

9. Cloud-Based Security System

Another helpful technology for your home is a cloud-based security system. Connect to the security cameras and view your property from anywhere. Store security footage in the cloud for easy access later.

10. Update Your Home’s Doorbell With Modern Technology

A video doorbell is a great way to improve security at your home’s entrance. These devices let you see who is at the door, and a two-way speaker allows you to speak to them from anywhere in the home or while you’re away.

11. Smart Home Appliances

Upgrade the appliances around your home to modern versions that use smart technology. Internet-connected devices include refrigerators, microwaves, and even coffee machines. Keep track of these devices with your phone and automate them to make your life easier.

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