As a homeowner, it’s important that your house is safe and secure. Your property can be targeted by a burglar any time of day or night. Keep your family members and belongings safe with these tips for improving home security. Even without a security system, you can feel safer in your home.

Add Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion detecting lighting is an inexpensive and easy way to boost home security. This type of lighting powers on automatically when it senses motion in the yard, surprising a would-be burglar. Install motion lights above the garage door, in the side yard, and on the back porch.

Hide Valuable Items When Improving Home Security

Keep valuable items out of sight. If you leave curtains open in the evening, the lighting in your home will reveal your living spaces and your belongings. Keep curtains and doors closed to avoid drawing the attention of potential burglars. Valuables should be kept out of sight, in both your home and your car.

Put Tools Away

After finishing projects around the exterior of your home, put the tools away. A shovel, rake, hammer, or ladder might be used by a thief to break into your house. Store tools safely in the garage or basement and out of reach of criminals who are passing by.

Make the Home Look Occupied

Creating the appearance of someone at home will deter most burglars from your property. If you’re away on vacation, use timers on your lights and television to make it look like the home is occupied. Smart bulbs can be powered on and off via an app on your phone. Even when you’re away, you will be able to turn the living room lamp on or power off the lights in the den.

Improving Home Security Begins with Installing New Locks

Improve home security by installing new door locks as soon as you move into your house since you won’t know who has a key to the home. The previous owners may have given keys to the babysitter, housekeeper, or plumber. Change the locks to keep your home secure.

Start a Neighborhood Watch

If your area doesn’t already have a neighborhood watch program, establish one. This program encourages neighbors to keep an eye out for one another. You’ll feel like your home is safe and secure if you need to be away for a while.

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