After a long winter, everyone is ready to welcome a warmer spring season. Winter may have left gutters filled with leaves, sidewalks cracked, and landscaping in need of some attention. To help you get started with your spring home maintenance, here are some tasks to add to your list.

Examine the Roof

The first place to start is your roof. Check if you have lost any shingles or if there is damage that needs to be rectified. Call in a professional to get the job done in a cost-effective and thorough manner. Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home and should be cared for properly.

Spring Home Maintenance Includes Cleaning Gutters

While the changing leaves in fall are beautiful, they can be a pain when they clog your gutters. Clogged gutters can cause the water to overflow and damage the foundation of your home. Get your gutters and downspouts cleaned by a professional, or get the job done yourself. We suggest cleaning out your gutters before the spring rains start.

Clean or Replace HVAC Filters

Cleaning or replacing HVAC filters is another spring home maintenance tip, but it should be done at least four times a year. Check the instructions for your HVAC filters and change them out when directed to do so. A dirty filter forces your system to work harder, using more energy in the process. Changing the filter when required can help you save a great deal on energy costs in the long run.

Check Sprinklers & Irrigation System

Checking your sprinklers and irrigation system can help you conserve water while offering your garden and lawn the moisture it needs to thrive. Start by:

  • Run a manual check by walking around the property with the sprinklers on.
  • Make sure no heads are damaged or broken.
  • Adjust the heads that spray towards your home, sidewalk, porch, or street.

Repair Window Screens for Spring Home Maintenance

Even the smallest hole in your door or window screens can allow bugs and mosquitoes in, especially in the spring and summer seasons. If the screens are torn or have holes in them you can fix them with screen repair kits from your local hardware store.

These five spring home maintenance tips help you cover some basics, but there is still a great deal to get done before the summer season arrives. We suggest you create a custom spring home maintenance checklist of your own and follow the same list every year. This way you will never miss out on something important.

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