With a bit of effort, your property can have a lush, green lawn in the summertime. Follow these tips for summer lawn maintenance to beautify your yard and improve curb appeal.

Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips For Mowing

Summer lawn maintenance is easier when you allow your grass to grow taller. Taller grass grows deeper roots, requires less water, and discourages weed growth. Before mowing, adjust your mower blade height. Avoid cutting more than one-third of the blade height.

The goal is to maintain your grass at three to four inches high. Always mow with a sharp blade. Dull blades damage and tear grass, which makes it less healthy. Skip bagging your grass cuttings. Use a mulching mower and leave the clippings on your lawn to help your lawn retain moisture.


Regular watering is another component of summer lawn maintenance and keeps the lawn from becoming brown and going dormant. Watering deeply is important for root growth. Use a water gauge to ensure your lawn is getting an inch of water every week during summer. Early morning is the best time to turn on the sprinklers so that the water soaks into the ground before it evaporates in the sun.


Avoid fertilizing your lawn in the summer months. Spring or Fall are better times to add supplements. The chemicals in fertilizers can burn your grass when the weather is hot. If you must feed your lawn, consider an organic fertilizer that is less likely to cause damage.

Dealing with Weeds For Summer Lawn Maintenance

Vigilant summer lawn maintenance helps keep weed growth to a minimum. Pull or dig up weeds if possible. Get rid of them early before they have a chance to flower and spread seeds. Some homeowners turn to herbicides to get rid of rampant weed growth. However, as with fertilizers, the summer heat can cause those products to damage your lawn. Also, because some herbicides don’t work at temperatures above 85 degrees, you would need to wait for a stretch of days with cooler temperatures.

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