The holidays are over and it’s time to gather your decorations and move them back into storage. Decorating is often a fun time with family. However, removing ornaments, lights, candles, and greenery may feel like a daunting undertaking. Here are a few tips and tricks for taking down holiday décor.

Plan for Next Year When Taking Down Holiday Décor

Create a plan that allows you to more easily unpack and access the decorations next year. If you liked the way the tree looked or if your family especially enjoyed the candles in the windows, take a picture. You’ll have reference photos for next year to duplicate the look.

Before storing your artificial greenery, ornaments, lights, and candles, clean out your storage containers. Wipe bins clean and allow them to dry completely to help prevent mold growth in your packed boxes.

Decorating in Reverse

A good tactic to remove holiday décor is to take decorations down in the reverse order of how they were installed. Developing this kind of system makes the job easier year after year.

Organization for your Ornaments

Store all of your holiday decorations in the same place to help prevent losing or misplacing sentimental ornaments, cards, and other festive items. Create a space in the attic or basement to keep boxes of decorations out of the way.

Plastic totes are convenient, inexpensive, and provide a sturdy way to keep your ornaments safe. Some are specifically designed for holiday ornaments with compartments to store each ornament individually.

For string lights, use a piece of strong cardboard as a spool. Wrap the lights around the cardboard to keep them untangled during storage. Use tissue paper or bubble wrap around each spool of holiday lights. This will prevent them from breaking.

Wreaths can be protected in plastic boxes designed for their storage. Some companies make strong round bags to protect wreaths in the off-season.

Be Safe on the Ladder When Taking Down Holiday Décor

If you installed lights or other decorations out of arm’s reach, you’ll need to use a ladder to access them and remove them safely. Set the ladder up on a stable surface and wear rubber-soled shoes to help prevent slipping on the ladder’s rungs. Have a family member hold the ladder while you work. Unplug lights and other electric decorations before you begin removing them.

Lift Items Carefully

When moving and packing large ornaments and decorations, get a family or friend to help. Heavy decorations can cause a back injury if not lifted carefully. When lifting something heavy, use your legs to do most of the work.

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