Home remodeling projects can be messy and chaotic. If you’re planning upgrades, store your belongings to protect them from getting dirty or damaged. Moving things out of the way will also give the contractors more space to work. That said, here are tips for storage during remodeling to ease the process and protect your belongings.

Use a Spare Room for Storage During Remodeling

If you have an extra room that’s not in use, such as a guest bedroom – it’s a perfect place for storage during remodeling. Just keep in mind that renovations can take longer than anticipated, so pick a room you won’t need for the duration of the project.

Keep Belongings in the Garage

A large garage comes in handy for storage if you don’t have extra room indoors. Using the garage may require you to park your cars outside during the project, but it will give you plenty of space for storage during remodeling, making it worth a temporary inconvenience.

Store Your Stuff with a Friend

If you’re short on space in your home but have a friend with an extra room or a large garage, ask if you can use their space to store your stuff. Keeping your things with a friend is more affordable than renting a storage unit, and it is convenient if your friend lives nearby. Since your friend or family member will eventually need their space, provide a timeline and return the favor if they need help in the future.

Rent a Portable Container

If the storage options already mentioned aren’t available to you, rent a portable container. Some companies deliver a container to your property for temporary storage. You can remove items from your home but keep them close by in case they are needed. A portable container is an excellent option if you have a large yard or driveway but limited space indoors. When shopping for portable storage, look at cost, location, delivery fees, and size before choosing a company.

Use a Storage Unit

Traditional storage facilities are a good solution for storing large items like furniture and heavy appliances. Read the contract terms of the storage facility to avoid incurring unexpected expenses. Additionally, look into whether the facility provides temperature control and security. Once you confirm these things are in order, a storage unit is a great choice for storage during remodeling.

Extra Tips for Storage During Remodeling

When you’ve identified places for storage during remodeling, here are some other things you can do to ease the process.

  • Label your boxes to find your belongings faster during and after the remodeling process. This also prevents you from misplacing things.
  • Leave a clear path between boxes. Climbing over boxes is dangerous. Avoid this situation by leaving space between them so that you can retrieve items easily.

Remodeling is an exciting process. Before you begin, identify a suitable storage option. You’ll know your belongings are secure and can focus on improving your home.

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