When you are preparing to paint your living spaces, there are many things you can do to make the project go smoothly. Professional painters have lots of experience and the best tools for the job, but some people decide to save money and complete the task themselves. Here are five ways to prepare to paint your home like a pro.

1. Prep the Surface to Prepare to Paint Your Home

If the walls are dirty, oily, or grimy, like some kitchen areas, wipe them down before painting. Dust the walls and baseboards to get rid of cobwebs and loose dirt. Patch and spackle any holes in the drywall. If the paint is flaking, scrape off the loose pieces so the new paint will adhere properly. Before scraping, follow the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines concerning lead paint. Exposing yourself or family members to lead paint dust is dangerous. If your home was build before 1978, you should have your paint tested for lead.

2. Remove Fixtures and Furniture

Many homeowners tape around fixtures, but the final finish will look cleaner if you remove light fixtures, outlet covers, and switchplates. Only remove light fixtures if you know how to reconnect the lights safely when you are finished. An alternative is to cover the base of each fixture with painter’s tape. To paint a room like a pro, use specially manufactured painter’s tape. It will protect surfaces and come off easily. For a clean look, make sure the tape has firmly adhered to the edges so that paint will not seep underneath.

Move small pieces of furniture out. Sometimes it is not practical to remove a bed, couch, or refrigerator. Moving smaller pieces of furniture gives you more space to navigate the area and fewer things to accidentally drip paint on.

3. Tape Baseboards

Professional painters may be able to paint a straight edge above a baseboard, but that can be a tall order for a DIYer. Tape off the baseboard and hand brush a three to four-inch stripe above the board. This way, the base will remain separated from the wall and the line gives you some leeway when you roll the paint down. You will not need to get the roller right next to the baseboard.

4. Cover Furniture as You Prepare to Paint Your Home

Gather drop cloths and plastic sheeting to cover the flooring and any remaining furniture. To paint a room like a pro, tuck the coverings under the baseboards with a blunt edge. This will help keep the material in place as you walk around on it.

Cover yourself up with a painter’s jumpsuit or old clothes. Pull long hair back in a ponytail and wear a hat. Wear well-fitting gloves and protective eyewear.

5. Paint a Room Like a Pro by Having the Right Tools

Besides the paint, brushes, and rollers, you will need several small paint holders and a painting tray. You can pour paint into the small containers to paint the baseboard and around the fixtures. It is easier and lighter than lugging the large pail. Paint trays are angled and ridged. They are well-designed so you can add a little paint, roll your roller into the paint, and squeeze off any extra with the ridges.

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