Power outages tend to happen when you least expect them, so it’s good to take steps to prepare for a power outage before one occurs. You won’t be caught off-guard and your family will feel safer when you’re ready for this unexpected situation.

1. Learn How to Manually Close and Open Garage Doors

Before there is a power failure, learn how to open your electric garage door manually. Knowing how to do this will also come in handy if your door breaks or if you lose the remote.

2. Purchase a Battery Backup Device

One great way to prepare for a power outage is to invest in a battery backup device. This device will keep your electronic devices on until you are safely able to turn them off. You can protect your data in case of an unexpected outage.

3. Install Surge Protectors to Prepare for a Power Outage

Install surge protectors for your most important electronic devices. Surge protectors help reduce surges and fluctuations in voltages, which will help keep your electronics safe during a power outage.

4. Leave a Light On

When your power goes out, it’s best to turn all of the light switches in your home off – except for one. Leave a light switched on so that you know when your power has been restored.

5. Prepare for a Power Outage with a Generator

If your power frequently goes out, purchase a generator. A generator provides enough energy to power some appliances during a power outage. Buy the generator well before you need to use it, especially if you or a family member needs power for a medical reason.

6. Candles Help Prepare You for a Power Outage

While your power is out, candles are useful to provide light in the dark. For safety, only burn candles in well-ventilated areas. Place lit candles on a stable and sturdy surface. Never leave a live flame unattended. Another safer option is flameless battery-operated LED candles.

7. Clean Out Spoiled Food

If your power has been out for an extended period, examine the food in your fridge and freezer. If a power failure lasts less than 4 hours, your food should be safe to eat. If your food has been above 40 degrees for more than two hours, discard anything perishable, such as milk, eggs, fish, and meat.

Power outages are an inconvenience. Take these steps before and during a power outage to help protect your electronics and appliances and keep your family safe.

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