Relocation is stressful and challenging for most families, especially when it involves moving far away from your current home. You may need to relocate for a new job or to care for an aging family member. To help you have a stress-free move, make a checklist to remember everything you have to do before moving to another state. A to-do list will keep you and your family on track for a less stressful experience.

Getting Ready for Moving to Another State

Two months before the big move, it’s time to get to work. Collect moving boxes from liquor stores, bookstores, and restaurants. These places usually have plenty of boxes available. If you have trouble finding boxes, you can purchase boxes from moving companies and self-storage businesses. Purchase quality packing tape and markers to label your boxes.

After you have the basic supplies, start packing your belongings bit by bit. Label the boxes with different colored markers or tape depending on what room the box belongs in. This will make unpacking after the move easy. Make sure to clearly label boxes that are fragile. Create a document listing all of your valuables before putting them in the moving truck.

So that you can easily re-connect electronics, take a photo of the cords before unplugging them. Have your vehicle serviced if you’re planning to drive it to your new home to prevent any problems on the road. If you’re shipping your car, remove all personal items from the vehicle first.

A Month Before Your Move

Before moving to another state, find a moving company to transport your belongings. Make sure they carry insurance to protect your property during the move. If you don’t plan to hire a company, go ahead and reserve a rental truck. Donate or gift things that you don’t want to take with you. Make a folder of all legal documents to keep them in one place.

Shop for services in your new town. Find an internet provider, cable service, and power company and schedule your installations. Look into laws about getting a new driver’s license and change your voter registration. This is also a good time to plan out your road trip, allowing for stops along the way. Book a hotel, if necessary, a month before your moving day.

Two Weeks Before Moving to a New State

Moving day is quickly approaching and you’ll want to make sure everything is ready. Backup your computer to prevent losing important information if something happens to your hard drive during the process.

Make sure you have scheduled the cancelation of services like trash removal and recycling, internet, and other utilities. The same goes for memberships at fitness studios or gyms. Update your mailing address with banks, loan providers, and credit card companies. Notify friends and family of your new address. Get as many of your belongings packed as possible. Preparing well before moving day will reduce the stress of last-minute packing.

Moving Day Checklist

Plan for inclement weather by having dropcloths available to protect the flooring. If you’ve hired movers, they will load boxes and furniture onto the truck. Otherwise, ask friends and family for help packing your belongings into your rental truck. Have someone available to watch your pets on moving day. Send them to a pet daycare or keep them secure in an empty room while you load the truck.

Try to arrive in your new home early in the day so you have time to unpack and settle in. While getting the furniture inside your new home, protect the floor and walls from scratches. Unpack bedding and toiletries first because showering and sleep are important after the long move. Let friends and family members know you arrived safely.

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