If you shopped around and believe you made a great choice, it’s easy to place complete faith in your home builder. However, there are many opportunities for mistakes to be made during the construction process. Here are a few reasons you should order a home inspection on new construction.

What is a Home Inspection?

When you understand what a home inspection covers, you’ll see why it’s an important step to take with your new house. The inspection is completed by a professional, third-party inspector who owes no allegiance to your builder. Your inspector will check the home’s appliances, systems, materials, and structure, inside and out.

A complete inspection looks for safety hazards and ensures you won’t have any expensive repairs to deal with after moving into your new home. It will provide peace of mind that your investment is solid.

A Home Inspection on New Construction Might Uncover These Issues

A home inspector will complete a thorough assessment of all areas and components of your new property. Here are some of the issues that may be discovered during an inspection.

  • Grading and drainage problems that can contribute to mold and structural damage over time.
  • Improperly sealed windows and door leaks make it difficult to heat a home efficiently.
  • Plumbing problems that may cause leaks.
  • Structural issues like poor framing and foundation cracks that affect the entire house.
  • HVAC issues with loose connections or a malfunctioning thermostat should be remedied.
  • Missing insulation or insufficient insulation leads to higher-than-expected utility bills.
  • Half-installed fixtures or handrails are safety concerns.

How is it possible for a newly built home to have these problems? Builders will subcontract work out to other contractors. There are several projects going on with various contractors performing the work. It’s easy for the lead contractor to simply not notice mistakes or defective materials during the construction process.

Why Order a Home Inspection on New Construction

Have a home inspection completed before closing. With the information detailed in the inspection report, you can arrange for your home builder to make repairs before your move-in date. You’ll avoid having to live in the home while workers fix issues that should have been addressed during the build.

Enjoy the peace of mind you’ll get from hiring a professional home inspector. Your inspector will offer a detailed report about your new house. Problems can be fixed before you move into your newly built home and you’ll know it is safe and ready for occupancy.

If you’re buying a newly built home, contact us to request an appointment. HomeVantage Home Inspections will provide a professional assessment of your new construction.