The holidays are approaching and while they may look a little different this year, it’s still important to keep your home safe through the season. House fires are more likely to occur during the holidays than at any other time of the year. Here are 5 ways to practice holiday fire safety

Holiday Fire Safety While Cooking

Over the holidays, people spend more time in their kitchens. Cooking multiple dishes at once makes it challenging to pay attention to each one. Always make sure someone is in the kitchen to supervise when food is cooking on the stove or in the oven.

Turn pot handles inwards so they are less likely to be knocked into and spilled over. Keep flammable items, like dish towels, potholders, and paper products, far away from any heat source. Test the batteries in the smoke alarm near your kitchen, and make sure you have an up-to-date fire extinguisher.

Be Careful with Candles

Candles are used for ambiance and decoration during the holidays. However, as with any open flame, candles pose a fire hazard. One knocked-over candle can start a house fire.

Use enclosed candle holders for candles so the flame is not exposed and never leave lit candles unattended. Even better, replace real candles with LED battery-powered ones. They look realistic and give you peace of mind about holiday fire safety.

Safety with Electrical Cords

During the holidays, many families use extension cords and string lights. A worn electrical cord that is missing the insulative cover can spark and start a fire. Before unpacking your holiday lights, inspect them for damage and discard any that are not in good condition. Do not attach more than 2 strings of lights together, because this could overload the circuit.

Holiday Fire Safety and Your Fireplace

Have your fireplace and chimney inspected and cleaned before the holidays. You don’t want your holiday gathering ruined by a chimney fire.

Ending the Night Safely

When it is time to go to bed, make sure that all string lights, the fireplace, candles, and cooking appliances are turned off or extinguished. Failing to do this can result in a house fire.

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