It may appear that trees are in a state of hibernation over the winter months, but they’re still affected when exposed to extreme conditions. This stress can be minimized by preparing them during the fall. Moving into winter, trees need to recover from the heat of summer, which can weaken trees and make them more prone to infestations. Learn more about caring for your trees on your property.

To Care for Your Trees, Maintain Healthy Soil

Many tree problems begin with poor soil conditions. Lack of nutrients, soil compaction, degree of acidity, and missing soil components all affect the health of your trees.

Improving the soil creates healthy conditions that help the tree roots function at their best. Fertilize, water, and mulch to nourish your trees. Composted organic mulch helps to retain water and reduce extreme temperatures in the soil. A thin layer of mulch acts as a blanket, providing a bit of extra protection in winter and summer.

Caring for Your Trees Means Pruning, Bracing, and Wrapping

Fall is not the best time to prune trees. Wounds heal more slowly at this time of year, increasing the risk of fungal diseases that strike vulnerable trees. Pruning has an impact on how the tree will grow in the spring but is best done in late winter. This fall, only remove dead branches and those that are close to your home to protect your property during severe storms.

Younger trees that are not well-established should be braced and cabled to support them through periods of snowfall. Trees that are close to the road can be wrapped to protect them from the salt sprays of winter road maintenance.

Protect from Fungus and Insects

Protect your trees from threats by spraying for insects and preventing pests like squirrels and gophers from burrowing into trees and the root system. Leave a 6-inch space between the mulch and the tree trunk to discourage fungus growth.

Caring for your trees in fall requires more than simply raking up the fallen leaves. Proper soil care, hydration, pest protection, and pruning dead or dangerous limbs help ensure healthy trees and attractive landscaping.

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