If your family would enjoy more living space, consider finishing the attic. Whether you want to create an extra bedroom, add a home office, or design a home theater for your family, there are plenty of possibilities for renovating this often-overlooked area. Here are a few ideas for an attic renovation.

1. Add Windows and Skylights

Installing windows and skylights will make any attic feel larger and brighter. If you’re looking to save on energy bills, skylights are a great way to allow natural light into the room without relying on electricity during the day. In an otherwise dark attic, windows and skylights make the space feel larger and more welcoming.

2. Install Drywall

Hang drywall to create walls in different areas of your attic space. It provides privacy and soundproofing, and drywall adds insulation to help regulate the temperature throughout the year. Drywall makes the room feel more comfortable and livable; plus, installing drywall yourself can save you labor costs.

3. Add Carpeting for Your Attic Renovation

Flooring is an important aspect of any room in a house, and the attic isn’t any different. Choose a flooring material that suits the use of your attic space. Carpeting is excellent for creating a playroom or building an extra bedroom upstairs. It’s warm and soft underfoot and helps to dampen sound. You might prefer hardwood if designing a home office, library, or yoga room. Hardwoods are durable, attractive, and last for years.

4. Consider Additional Wiring and Lighting

To bring your attic renovation project together, install wiring and lighting fixtures appropriate for whatever purpose this space will serve. You may need additional outlets for electronics, like TVs or computers. Hire an electrician to run the wiring and install lighting fixtures. Good illumination is essential for any room in the house.

5. An Attic Renovation Includes Planning for Heating and Cooling

If you plan on using the space for something other than storage, verify your HVAC system can effectively heat and cool the attic. Having adequate heating and cooling improves your attic space, making it comfortable enough to use as an extra bedroom, home office, or recreational area. Here are a few tips for making sure your HVAC system is up to the task of keeping your attic at an ideal temperature all year round.

Check that the ducts in the attic are properly sealed and insulated so that air doesn’t escape before reaching its destination. Make sure there’s enough airflow for air to move efficiently throughout the house. Install additional fans or vents to push air upstairs and ensure better circulation.

These ideas help renovate your attic into a usable living area for your family. However, some renovations may require professional assistance to follow building codes and safety protocols. Hire professionals when necessary, so you feel assured everything has been done right. Use these tips to transform an empty attic into a functional space.

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